How do you draw glasses or sunglasses? They're quite easy to do, and there are a few different types you can draw...

You will need:
  • pen
  • paper
Just draw a face as normal, including the eyes, and then draw the bridge of the glasses onto the bridge of the nose.
Draw both frames around the eyes.

The shape of the frame will depend upon the style of glasses. These are a standard frame shape.

Don't forget to draw the arms of the glasses going to the ears!
You can leave it like that if you like, but here's a good trick - if you draw two lightly drawn lines in the opposite corners of each frame, it looks like there's glass in the frame!
To draw rounded frames, draw circles instead of the squares.

As usual, draw the frame, the bridge, the arms going behind the ears, and the lines in the opposite corner.
For sunglasses or shades, do the frames as normal, but draw a little circular highlight in the top corner of each shade.

Then just shade it in, depending on how strong the glasses are, as you can still see through some shades. Whatever you do, don't go over the little white highlight!
For mirror shades, don't draw any eyes, and add lots of lightly drawn lines in the opposite corners.
Finally, for a monocle (that's just one frame on a string), draw one frame, a string, and the lines in the opposite corners.

Try it yourself!