This is a fantastic printing technique using bubbles and coloured inks.

You will need:
  • Bowl
  • Washing Up Liquid
  • Water
  • Paper
  • Food Colouring
  • Ink
This is quite a messy Art Attack so it's a good idea to ask before starting it.

Find a washing up bowl and squeeze a generous amount of washing up liquid into it.

Add in some cold water, roll up your sleeve and swish the water around to create plenty of bubbles.
Now you'll need some different coloured inks - or food colouring.
Dribble a few different colours onto the surface of the bubbles.

Here Neil is using red and green.

You need to work quite quickly so that the bubbles don't disappear!
Then take a piece of paper and press it gently onto the surface of the bubbles.
Remove the paper after a few seconds.

You'll be left with a beautiful pattern like this.
To do another print using different colours you'll need to mix up another batch of bubbles and use different inks or colourings.
You can mix all kinds of colours, and you'll always get a very different pattern.
These bubble prints have many uses.

You could use them as picture backgrounds...
...for silhouettes...
..or even for greeting cards, picture frames, and wrapping paper.

Try it yourself!