Use this neat trick to make great lettering.

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Coloured pens
Here's a greetings card that Neil has made.

It doesn't have any lettering just yet!
Now it does. But it's ordinary lettering.

It's a little too boring. So how about this...
Go dotty!

Draw dots on the end of all your letters.
Look what starts to happen. Your lettering starts to look much more fancy.
A dotty design transforms ordinary lettering into something much more impressive.
How about trying this with a different colour for each letter? You could also colour in each of the dots to make them into a blob. Pretty cool!
How about this one?

See how the letters are spaced apart so that there's no overlap.
Instead of dots, this time do a kind of spirally dot.

At the end of each line draw a spiral...
And you get this great, different effect!
Again, you can do this one in different colours and it looks brilliant!
Try this on any card design and it will look great. Here's a special Halloween card, and this time the dots are spiders hanging off the end of each line.

Try it yourself!