A heap of techniques to help you develop your own artistic style.

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
If you want to be a professional artist, or study art, it's a good idea to try to develop your own style.
All these artists each have their own style.

Because of this, it makes it easy to tell their work from everyone else's.
So if you don't have your own style - invent one!

It's a good idea to create some style rules - little rules that make your style different. For instance, you might decide to only ever use green dots to create your pictures!
It might sound silly - but it can work.

Here's a picture drawn only using green dots!
Here's another distinctive style.

This picture has been created out of coloured pastel scribble.
If you want to develop your own style, you just need to give yourself some quick rules.

For example - "I can't draw with a pencil - I must draw with a brush and paint!"
Let's see what happens.

The lines come out quite thick, which means Neil has to draw big and bold.
Doing detail is quite difficult, so he's forced into a simple cartoon style.
The "only draw using a brush" rule makes him draw very big and close-up.
It's different!
For another style rule - how about "I must not touch the black lines when I'm colouring in"?
Following this rule creates a white margin inside the black lines.
This creates a certain effect.

This is the great thing about inventing a style with its own rules - you never know how it's going to come out until you've tried it.
This style is quite modern and graphical - good for fashion or pop stuff, like posters or magazines.
It's as easy as that. Make up a few rules which force you into creating a certain effect - a style.

And when you've got a style that you're happy with, you can use it for all of your pictures.

Try it yourself!