Why not have a go at making pictures from curled up strips of paper?

You will need:
  • coloured paper
  • a paintbrush
Take a piece of coloured paper or thin card, and cut a thin strip thatís about 1cm wide.
Then take a paintbrush, and tightly roll the strip around the handle, from one end to the other.
Once youíve rolled it all up, remove the paintbrush and let the curled paper spring out.

You now have a tightly curled spiral of paper.
You can repeat this technique with different colours of paper, and different lengths.

Here you can see a very short piece of rolled up purple paper.
Using a longer strip this time, you get a large white spiral.

This technique is called "quilling".
Here's a blue strip of paper. Instead of being rolled all the way to the end, it's been stopped about half-way.

The result is a strip thatís straight, with a small curl at one end.
Another technique is to curl both ends of the strip.

Just go to the other end, and start rolling it back on itself around a paintbrush.
So now you that you can curl the paper, it's very easy to start making pictures with it!

Here's a flower, for example.

Just put all your curls in the place you want, and then glue them to the paper.

Try it yourself!