Sometimes, when you're alone at night and it's dark and quiet, do you ever get that feeling that something is not quite right? Well now you can make creepy hands to scare people!

You will need:
  • newspaper
  • sticky tape
  • poster or acrylic paint
  • tissue paper or kitchen roll
  • PVA glue
Scrunch up some newspaper into a square ball, roughly about the same size as your palm, and attach plenty of tape to hold it together.
Scrunch up another ball that's slightly smaller for the wrist.
Then roll five sausage shapes of newspaper for the fingers and thumbs.

Tape them securely into position.
Next, add veins and tubes coming out of the wrists. Use some twisted newspaper and stick it to the wrists. You could roll up some paper for broken bones.

To finish off, create gnarled nails by cutting out shapes from cardboard. When you've finished, tape everything together securely.
For the skin, mix PVA glue in equal parts with water, and slap it all over the hand.
Lay on bits of kitchen roll, loo roll or tissue paper. Make sure you tuck the paper into every nook and cranny. You don't need to go over the veins and bones coming out of the wrists.
Leave it to dry, then paint it.
Using poster or acrylic paint, slap on monster-like colours.
When you've painted it all, and added on all the detail, you'll have something that looks like this. A horrible hand you could leave around the house to scare people.

Try it yourself!