Scare all your friends by making a Creepy Crack for your bedroom wall!

You will need:
  • Low tack sticky back plastic
  • Black permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • White paper
  • Felt tips or pencils
Cut a nice big sheet from a roll of low tack sticky back plastic. Using a black permanent marker, draw a wiggly line however long you want your Creepy Crack to be.

Please make sure you use low tack sticky back plastic, because the ordinary kind is too sticky, and could rip your wallpaper or damage paintwork!
Starting at the top point, draw a second wiggly line and join it up at the bottom.

This will make the main crack.
Next, draw lots of smaller cracks shooting off at the sides.
Now design your spooky eye, onto some white paper.

Start with a nice big circle and add a dot in the middle for a pupil, colouring it black.
Use a grey pencil to shade around the outside of the eyeball.

This makes it look more 3D.
Use a red felt tip, or pencil, and draw on some veins to make the eye look bloodshot.

When you're happy with the design of the spooky eyeball, cut it out.
When you've finished you'll have something that looks like this!
You could also design other eyes using more colours.

Here's an example of a green monster eye.
Turn your crack over and very carefully peel off half of the backing.
Then take your eyeball and stick it face down inside the crack. Position it slightly to one side of the crack and it adds to the peeping through effect.

Your eyeball may go over the lines but you don't have to worry about that.
Then smooth the backing back into place.
With a black marker pen, colour inside the main crack.

Go all the way around the eyeball.
When you're happy with it, cut the whole thing out, being extra careful.

Take out the big chunks first, and watch out for those little cracks!
Trim off any part of the eyeball that is outside the crack.

Again, be very careful not to cut off the thin little cracks!
When you've finished, you can peel back the backing and stick it to your bedroom wall. Don't forget to ask permission first. You could always draw the crack on paper instead and stick that up.

Gently smooth it down so it stays firmly on the wall.
There you have it!
Here's another great design that looks like the creepy monster is trying to get through, too!

Try it yourself!