Here's how to make your own crazy golf course.

You will need:
  • a dinner plate
  • cereal box card
  • a cup or mug
  • scissors
  • sticky tape
  • some cardboard box card
  • a piece of garden cane
  • PVA glue
  • tissue paper
  • acrylic paint
  • a ping pong ball
Start by drawing around a dinner plate onto some cereal box card.
Take a cup or beaker and place it in the middle of the circle.

Then draw around it, making sure that there’s an even space between the beaker and the circle you drew first.
Carefully cut it out so that you have a cardboard hoop!
Take some scissors and carefully cut through the ring.
Curl it around slightly and tape into place to make your hole.

Put lots of tape on this, to make it nice and secure.

You should have a sort of cone shape with gentle sloping sides. Try not to make your sides too steep, or it will be too difficult for your ball to roll in!
Draw around the bottom of your cone (the wider bit) onto some cardboard box card.

Now put your cone shape to one side.
Draw a slightly smaller circle inside the one you have just done on the cardboard box card.

Make it about 1cm smaller all the way around.
Ignore the bigger circle and carefully cut around the smaller one.
Now take your cone shape again and tape the cardboard circle to the underside of the cone.

It will sit a little way into the cone, as it is slightly smaller than the bigger end of the cone.

The reason why you make the card smaller is to avoid creating a step under your rolling edge, leaving it nice and smooth for your ball to roll up.
Now mix some PVA glue in equal parts with water and paste it on.

Stick on pieces of tissue paper and cover the whole thing in two layers of papier-mâché.

It’s a good idea to paste on your glue and tuck the tissue paper over inside the hole so that you don’t get any rough or jagged edges. You want it as neat as possible round the top so the ball plops in easily.
To make a crazy golf club...

Find either a smooth straightish stick, or a piece of garden cane.
Take a double page spread from a small newspaper, close it and fold it in half lengthways.
Place your stick onto one of these shorter edges and tightly roll the paper around your stick.
Tape the stick into place on the newspaper.

Your club now has a handle!
Lay your stick down onto a piece of cardboard box card and draw a large capital D to the right hand side of the stick.

Then take the stick away...
Join the two ends of the D up.
Cut that shape out.
Use lots of tape to stick the D shape to the bottom of your stick.

This should be on the opposite end to the newspaper handle you've already made.

You've now made the head part of your club - the part that you hit the ball with.
Next pad out the club. Tightly scrunch up another double page spread of newspaper.
Use lots of tape to tape it onto the back of your D shape.
Take your PVA glue & water mixture...
And paste it onto your club. Lay on pieces of tissue paper.

Cover the whole of your club in two layers of papier-mâché.
Leave this to dry... and when you’ve finished, it should look like this.
Now paint it all.

Use poster paint or acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is better for this because it dries nice and strong, so that when a ball plops in, it doesn’t chip off the paint.

However, you can use poster paint if you like!
You can paint the hole green if you wish - like grass - and you could even stab or stipple in some slightly darker green to give a real grassy effect.

It’s also a good idea to paint the inside of the hole black.
The club itself can be any colour you like.

Neil painted his with a black handle, silver shaft, and the head was brown for a wood effect, with a painted-on silver plate to hit the ball with.
If you like, you can add a flag to the hole. Make it out of a stick and a bit of bent cardboard.
You could do some really crazy designs. You can do a palm tree instead of a normal flag, and make a little papier-mâché crab to put on the side of the hole, using scrunched up paper and glue to create a desert island hole!
You could even add in more holes like the craters on the moon’s surface.

Again, build them up with papier-mâché and paper.

All you need now is a ping pong ball and you can start to play Crazy Golf!

Try it yourself!