Have you ever done a picture and not been able to decide whether to use paint or pencils? Sometimes, you can do both...

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Crayons or pencils
Here's a picture of a dog who's lost a ball in the tree.

But there's just too much detail to paint.
So let's use pencils for now.

Start with the tree, adding the brown colour of the bark.
Don't forget that trees have holes in them, too!
And some lighter shading.
And there - that's created a great bark effect which would have been very difficult to paint.
It would also be hard to paint each leaf on the tree individually.

Try using using a stiff paintbrush that's slightly dry. Dip it into some dark green paint...
...and dab off the excess onto a separate piece of paper.
Now you can just stipple on your leaves, which will save hours of painting!
Repeat, using different shades of green.

Again, dab off the excess paint and stipple it on.
Do the same for the bushes.
For the dog's coat, it's best to revert to the pencils because painting all the hairs would take too long.

Just use a colour that's slightly darker than the shade of paint used for the dog. Hint at the lines of the fur...
...and add in a few lighter or darker shades.
If you have a big set of pencils, you may have several shades of green, which aregreat for grass.

They create a great effect if you use them all together...
Scribble them up and down to give a grass texture.

You can then pick out individual pencils to highlight bits of detail. This saves you a lot of time!
Finally, add a little bit of shade and shine on the top of the ball.
And you're finished! It's not a painting, it's not a crayon picture... it's a sort of "crayonting!"

Try it yourself!