Some people think that country pictures are too hard, because to make it good, you have to draw every single leaf on the tree. But that's not true. Try the cheat's way...

You will need:
  • stale bread
  • paper
  • pencils
  • paint
Here's a simple countryside picture without colour - trees, a gate and bushes.
Now add on the leaves the cheat's way.

Take a piece of slightly stale bread that's going stiff.
Rip out a piece of slightly oval-shaped bread and carefully dip it into green poster paint that's been thinly spread on a piece of paper or cardboard.
Now print it onto your picture.

The bread starts to print leaves onto your tree with a nice texture too.
Just around the top edge of the tree where the light is catching it, add in some yellow like this. Add some darker green for shady bits on the tree.

For distant trees, add slightly less paint, as they're harder to see.
6. To create conifer trees, pull out a triangle shape of bread, and print them on.

Just angle your bread slightly to make sure you get the right shape.
Finally, some grass. Use the same technique - an oval of bread dipped in some green paint. You could add on some flowers in the grass by dipping in red and yellow paint too.

And there you have it - a country picture done by cheating!

Try it yourself!