Here's an original way of making a greetings card, tailor made for any occasion.

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Card
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Decide on an occasion, and choose the type of costume you'd wear for it. This one's going to be a posh birthday card!

For a posh jacket, take a piece of thin card that's a bit longer than A4 and the same colour you want the jacket to be, and fold one edge roughly into the centre, and fold the other edge in to meet it, overlapping a little.
Fold down the corner of the flaps to create collars.

This will be the basic jacket shape.
To make a shirt, cut a piece of thin card or paper that's the same size as the back of the card, and glue it into place inside the jacket.
Now you can add on extra details.

If you cut the edges off a paper doily, they make a great lacey frill for the front of the shirt!
Arrange them down the length of the shirt.

About three overlapping rows on either side looks good.
Glue them into position.
To make a bow tie, you'll need some paper that's roughly postcard size.
Fold it lengthways back on itself repeatedly, so that you produce a concertina fan.
Wrap a small strip of paper around the middle and tape it at the back, to hold it in place.
Then glue it to the top of the shirt.
You can also add a square of paper with one folded edge to the front of the jacket for a pocket.
For a flower, scrunch up a strip of crépe paper like this, pinching the end and taping it together like this.
Then glue that to the front of the jacket.
And there it is - a fantastic costume card to send on a birthday or any special occasion.

Write a message on the inside of the jacket.
There are lots of different types of costume cards too.

This one is a little more trendy.
Or how about a school uniform for someone who's passed their exams?
Or a good old Christmas card?
And this clown costume for a party invitation?

Try it yourself!