Car design isn't a simple process... but you can make things much easier by drawing like a baby!

You will need:
  • Graph paper (ordinary paper works fine as well)
  • Pencils, felt tips or crayons
This is an extremely simple car, drawn out as big rectangles and large circles for the wheels.

But it's not going to stay this way!
You need to think curves and angles. So start by taking away the babyish rectangles.

Curve everything so that it's much smoother.
Don't forget the wheelarches.
Finish off the underneath of the car and include bumpers at the front and back.
Don't forget the windows either!
Don't want to put too much detail in because it's just the main car shape that you're designing.

But the wheels need to be a little more realistic.
Add in some lights on the front, side and rear.
And some shadow underneath!
Now colour it in, any way you like.

This one is done with felt tips.
A couple of lightly drawn lines on the windows and the wheel trims will show the shine.
And there you have it.

Just draw a couple of rectangles and some wheels on some graph paper - or you could draw the lines yourself on ordinary paper - and use it as a blueprint for your own, slick car design.

Try it yourself!