Why not design a logo for yourself that's distinct and easily recognised?

You will need:
  • paper
  • pens
  • felt tips
Take a quick look at these company logos.

When you're a jetsetting multimillionaire, and you own your own company, you need a logo that's distinct and easily recognisable.

If you design one for yourself, you can put it on your doors, books, walls - anywhere you like!
As itís your logo, why not start where a lot of logo designers start... with your initials?

Here are Neilís - but they look a bit boring.
How about thickening the letters up? Or joining the letters together - a lot of logo designers do this.

Neil's N and B are back to back.

You can add a bit of shadow on the bottom as well.
You can get inspiration for your designs in a lot of ways.

Hereís another good trick that a lot of graphic designers use - draw some shapes in pencil, and then use them as a guide to put your initials inside.
Here, Neil has drawn his chunky initials, but he's kept them within the cube shape.

He has sent each letter down the cube to give it the 3D effect.
What about a triangle?

Neil has kept it simple this time, with normal letters, but kept them inside the triangle. He's not drawn outside the lines!
What about circles?

Here, you can see that Neil wasnít too happy with the B, so heís had another go.

You can draw the letters any way you want, following the shape of the circle.
Instead of a large B, Neil has chosen to do a small one - and heís put the tail outside the circle.
To make his logo really special, Neil is adding in some shadow to make it more chunky.

For the B, Neil makes the top a bit longer, and gives the bottom a tail as well.
The idea is to do it all in rough first, and when youíre happy, neaten it up, and colour it in.

And there you have it!
You can experiment with different colours and add bits on too.

This is Neilís final logo with stripes too.

Have fun trying different things out! How about an explosion around your logo, or even a splat!

Try it yourself!