Wouldn't it be fab to have your own fantasy land in the clouds to daydream all day long whenever you want? Well now you can!

You will need:
  • Cardboard box card
  • Thin white card or paper
  • Cotton wool balls
  • Pens
  • Scissors
  • PVA glue
  • Glitter
Draw a cloud shape onto some cardboard box card, and cut it out. This will form the base of your fantasy castle.
Take the thin white paper, and cut some battlements along one edge.
Now you're going to make the castle walls. Start by folding the paper in half once.
Open it up again, then fold each edge in towards the middle fold...
... to create your four walls.
Put some sticky tape on the inside of one of the edges, so the sticky edge faces towards you.
Then fold the edges together, so the tape is on the inside.
Now you should have a castle shape! Tape it onto the cardboard box card you cut into a cloud shape earlier. It doesn't matter if the sticky tape is visible - you're going to cover it up later.
For the rest of your castle you'll need some paper towers. Roll up three pieces of paper into tubes, then glue or tape the edges together to make tower shapes. It looks more realistic if you make them different lengths.
Now you need some cone-shaped rooves to go on top of the towers. Draw some semi-circles on some white paper or thin card.
Roll each one over into a cone, adjusting them to the size of the tower. Tape down the edges.
Next you'll need to stick each roof onto a tower, by gluing the edge of the towers.
Hold the roof down while the glue dries.
You can make as many towers as you like.
To build up the fluffy cloud effect, use cotton wool balls. Stick them onto the cardboard box card, using PVA glue. You could even cover the base of the cardboard, to make your cloud really floaty.
Have fun decorating your castle by drawing on windows and doors.
You could create an enchanted staircase using folded paper, consetina-style...
...or add glitter around the rim of the rooves...
...or create the whole castle using different coloured card or cotton wool.
Attach some cotton thread or string, and you can hang the castle up, to make it look as though it's floating!
There it is, your own fantasy castle.

Try it yourself!