Here's a really simple and easy way of making a classy painting - just like the old masters.

You will need:
  • paper
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • water
  • cotton wool ball (or tissue)
Take a light coloured piece of paper, and in pencil draw silhouette shapes of buildings across the middle.

You can draw any buildings you like, but only the outline. No detail is needed.
Mix some poster paint with water, thin enough to create a thin wash across the paper. Neil's using purple here, but you could use orange or blue.

Add some water near to the bottom of the buildings, and as you get to the bottom of the picture, start to make it darker again.
While it's drying, take a cotton wool ball or tissue to dab off some paint across the top to create a cloud effect.
When it's dry, paint the buildings in a darker colour.

It's just a case of painting the shapes or silhouettes of those buildings.
Add in some darker paint again, for hints of windows.
When it's dry, add in some slight hints of detail with a black wax crayon.
To really bring the painting to life, add detail in the foreground with a black felt pen. But again, just do silhouette shapes. You can also add in some highlights with white chalk. And there it is. A real classy painting using silhouettes.

Try it yourself!