Make a great picture of a city at night, by using different techniques.

You will need:
  • a thin piece of cardboard box card
  • thin card tubes (sweet tubes are perfect)
  • sticky tape
  • sand
  • blue and green glitter
  • poster or acrylic paint
  • PVA glue
  • cling film
Take a piece of cardboard box card about 40cm by 40cm.
Now take some thin card tubes. Sweet tubes are perfect for this.

You'll need one about 10cm long, one a bit smaller, and one smaller still.
The idea is to tape the big and medium tubes side by side.
Place the smaller tube near to the top of the medium one, and tape it on.
Now tape the tubes to the middle of the base, to form central turrets.

Use lots of tape to make it secure.
Take some newspaper and twist it into a point. Place this into the top of a tube on your central turrets.

Make sure the tops are pointy, and tape them into place.
To make more pointy towers, use different lengths and thickness of newspaper, again with lots of twists.
Put them all outside your central turrets, and tape them all into position using loads of tape.

Some towers might be wonky, but this all adds to the character.
Scrunch up newspaper bits at the bottom to create rocks...
...and tape them into place.
Add more detail, like this newspaper twist bent into an arch shape and stuck to the tower to make a sort of cave entrance.
Add some ruined buildings made out of scraps of card and drinking straw, glued into position.
You should now have something that looks like this.
Now for the messy bit! Pour PVA glue all over the rocks and the ruins of your city of Atlantis.

Use a brush to make sure you push the glue into every nook and cranny.
Carefully pour some sand onto the glue-covered rocks.

Mix the sand with blue and green glitter for the top half.
Leave it all to dry.
Use poster or acrylic paint to paint the sea.
Streak different shades of blue for added effect, with some splashes of white foam to indicate where the sea meets Atlantis.
When the sea is painted and dry, paint on some PVA glue, and cover the sea with strips of cling film to create some crashing waves.
And there you have it - your very own city of Atlantis.

You can even add sequins on the towers for windows.

Try it yourself!