Chalk is a very versatile art material!

You will need:
  • Coloured chalk
  • Paper
  • Cotton wool
You can use chalk in lots of different ways, to get different effects into your artwork.

Try rubbing a ruler along a stick of chalk. It'll produce a pile of chalk dust.
Dab a ball of cotton wool into the dust...
...then dab or wipe it onto a picture.

It gives a really delicate, fluffy cloud effect. Perfect for skies!
If you want a quick way of colouring in a large block of colour, just turn a piece of chalk on its side... down, and you'll get a wide strip of colour.
For hard lines, use the sharp edge on the end of the chalk.

And if the end is too blunt...
...simply snap the chalk in two to produce a brand new sharp edge - perfect for small detail!

Try it yourself!