Pictures made from chalk and charcoal.

You will need:
  • chalk
  • charcoal
  • coloured paper
For your "chalkoal" picture, you must use chalk for the light bits, and charcoal for the dark bits.

You must also draw your picture onto coloured paper. Don't use white paper as the chalk won't show up, and avoid black paper as the charcoal won't show up!
When you use charcoal, you don't have to be neat or perfect, because if you make a mistake, you can just rub it out with your finger.

It's a good idea to decide where the light is coming from. Once you've done that, you can highlight the edges facing the light with the chalk along the edges that are facing the light.
Use the charcoal for the shady bits - that is, the bits away from the light.
The great thing about charcoal is that you can create an atmospheric shadowy effect by lightly smudging it.
And there it is, a chalkoal picture.

Try it yourself!