Here's a 4 Part Attack for a notice board featuring a hungry caterpillar!

You will need:
  • Cardboard box card
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Newspaper
  • PVA glue
  • Kitchen roll
  • Cotton woll
  • String
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Drinking straw
Start off by making the leaves.

Get a large piece of cardboard box card, and draw a large leaf shape onto it. Make it round at one end, and tapered at the other.
On the top edge, draw a sequence of semi circles, so that they look like a caterpillar's teeth marks.

Cut the whole thing out.
Draw and cut out another two leaf shapes, each slightly smaller than the last.

You don't need to put bite marks in these.
Fan them out, one on top of each other...
...then turn them over and stick them together using lots of tape.
You should now have something that looks like this.

Don't put any sticky tape on the front, though...
...because you'll use the gaps to slot whatever you want to put on your noticeboard in between.
Next, the caterpillar!

Scrunch some newspaper into a ball and hold it together with sticky tape.
The idea is to make eight of these, to make up the caterpillar's body.
Place the balls of newspaper in an arch shape, like this...
...and then tape them all together.

Once again, use plenty of tape for this!
Add two small balls of newspaper to the top of the first ball of the caterpillar's body, for eyes.
To make the antennae, cut a thin drinking straw in half and tape tiny balls of newspaper to each piece of straw.
Tape them onto the caterpillar's body, behind the eyes.
Now, position the caterpillar along the top edge of the leaves, and tape it into place.

Position the caterpillar's head near to the bite mark in the top leaf!
Next, mix up some PVA glue with water and use it to paste on small, torn up pieces of kitchen paper all over the caterpillar's body.

This will give it a great texture.
Make sure that you seal over all the joins.
Now dip some cotton wool into the glue.

Add pieces to the top of each segment of the caterpillar's body and use your fingers to pinch the gluey cotton wool to give a spiky finish.
Next, paint the caterpillar with whatever colours you fancy.

For inspiration, you could look at pictures in books or on the internet. Or - just make it up as you go along!
When the paint has dried you can add on extra detail using permament pen or marker.
Next, paint the leaves bright green.
Use lighter colours to add on the veins of each leaf, like this.
Finally, tie a loop of string...
...and tape it to the back of the leaves, so that you can hang the noticeboard up!
And that's it!

Finish off by adding on whatever bits and pieces you want to keep on the noticeboard.

Try it yourself!

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