This Art Attack will show you a great way of creating a stone carving effect - without the stone!

You will need:
  • Rubber / eraser
  • Charcoal
  • Paper
First you'll need a piece of charcoal. Using it on its side, colour in a rough rectangle in the middle of the paper.

The idea is to make the edges uneven, because this represents a stone slab. You'll get a good stone effect with charcoal.
Then take a rubber and carve out your initial in the middle of the charcoal, using the rubber.
You'll probably have to go over it a couple of times with the rubber.

Try to make sure that the edges are a little uneven because it all adds to that chiselled effect.
Blow away any bits of dust or rubber.
Finally, using a small, sharp edge of charcoal, pick out the edge of one side of the letter.

This gives it a 3D effect!
Now go around the stone shape too, and it'll end up looking like a heavy stone slab with a carved out letter!
This technique also works really well with other designs.

How about this fossilised fish?
Or this cave wall painting, carved into a block of stone with a highlight at the top.

Try it yourself!