Let your imagination run wild by making up a story and telling it with this Art Attack!

You will need:
  • Some random photos
  • Cardboard box card
  • Paint
  • Black pen
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tape
Take five or six photos.

They don't have to be great shots... in fact, the wackier, the better!
Then, turn them into a story, using speech and action bubbles.
Make one up by thinking about what the people's expressions in a photo are saying.

The story doesn't need to be complicated - it just needs to be funny.
To make speech bubbles, draw an oval shape onto some cardboard box card.

Include a pointy bit on the end to show who's speaking.

Cut it out...
... and paint it white.
Then write whatever the character is saying into the bubble, with a black pen.
You can also make rectangular instruction or storytelling boxes, as well as jagged-edge ones for shouting and cloud bubbles to show what people are thinking.
You should now be able to see a story if you place the bubbles down, like this.
Next, to make a frame...

Arrange the photos onto another piece of cardboard box card at jaunty angles, in the correct order for the story.

Draw around them in pencil.
Use the pencil marks as a guide for the frames. Draw them a little inside the guideline.

Make them any shape you like, as long as you stay inside the guidelines.
Now cut out the inside of the frames.

Whenever you need to cut something out from the middle of your artwork, just make a hole with a sharp pencil through it into some modelling clay...
...this way you can get the scissors in, and it makes cutting out much easier.
When you've cut them all out, paint your frame.
When you've finished painting the frame, and it's dry, you'll have something that looks like this.

All of these shapes have a white border, a grey background, and everything has been highlighted with some black pen.
Now all that you need to do is put everything together.

Turn your frame over and tape your photos into place, making sure that they're in the right order!
Turn it back over, and start to arrange the speech bubbles in the right places for the story.

Sticking them half way onto the photo looks good, and don't forget to point the end of the speech bubbles towards the person who is speaking!
When you're happy with the position of everything, glue them down.
If you like, you can paint and cut out a title for your story and glue that on too.
Here's another one with a Halloween theme.
Or how about this tale of a holiday at the beach?

Try it yourself!