Find out how to turn shapes into faces, with a bit of imagination!

You will need:
  • paper
  • pens
Take a look at this. What do you see?

They’re not a load of weird shaped vegetables. They're just some scribbled shapes.

But believe it or not, they can all be turned into cartoon faces!
Create any weird shape you like - this is a kind of pear shape.

The idea is to make a face out of this shape, by giving it a bit of character. You can see here that the pear shape now has a long nose on it, some glasses, and a mouth!

Just make it all up as you go along.
The one on the top right looks a bit like a pumpkin.

Simply draw whatever the shape reminds you of.

In this case, a baby!
How about the one on the bottom left? A cool singing dude!

Just make it up as you go along.
Finally, what about the one on the bottom right? A long faced traffic warden!

It's good fun. Draw any shape, and then turn it into a cartoon person.

Try it yourself!