Have a bit of fun - create your own cartoon character. But where do you start? How about with this great Art Attack!

You will need:
  • paper
  • pen
  • tracing paper
Cartoon characters always have a lot of character! But how do you decide which character you want?

First take a blank piece of paper, and experiment with facial features, starting with the eyes. There are lots of different types - as you can see from all these ones that Neil’s done here.
How about different noses too? What about a cute button nose, or a long straight nose, or a turned up snooty nose, a crooked nose, two little nostrils or maybe a splodge nose?

Again, lots of different types of noses!
And what about mouths? A smiley mouth, goofy mouth, a cheesy smiley mouth, an evil mouth, a wide mouth, or even a very narrow mouth - just experiment!
You don’t have to do these styles.

You can do any you like, and mix and match them. And that’s where tracing paper comes in.

Using the tracing paper, select your preferred facial features.

There are loads of different possibilities!
You can use the tracing paper to create your character’s body.

Select a face, and add on a body.
When you’ve got your character, trace a few more of the same character, and experiment colouring them in. Your very own cartoon character.

All you need to do is experiment!
You can easily create a whole gang of these characters by using the same features, but changing them a bit.

If you want to create a girl version of a character, place some tracing paper over your finished drawing. To create a girl, make the features slightly smaller this time, using long eyelashes and larger lips.
To create a younger character, use your original again, trace the features, but this time, make them more rounded, adding cheeky freckles and a baseball cap.
To create a dopey character, again trace from the original, but maybe give it droopy eyelids, a huge lower lip, a big toady body, long arms, and webbed feet.
You can create as many cartoon characters as you like, each slightly different, but all looking as if they’re part of the same ‘family’.

Try it yourself!