This is a flaming hot Art Attack!

You will need:
  • Yellow and red acrylic paint
  • Dark coloured paper
  • White chalk
  • Toothbrush
  • Card
  • Orange paint
  • Black paper
  • Scissors
For this Art Attack you'll need some firey colours.

Neil's using yellow and red acrylic paint on dark blue paper.
Squeeze some small blobs (each about the size of a 10p coin) of acrylic paint on the bottom of the dark coloured paper.
Next, push the paint up the paper with your fingers!
It's great fun!
The idea is to make it a fatter shape at the bottom, tapering off towards the top.
As the paint smears together, you get a fantastic bonfire effect.
You can then add sparks by flicking on some orange or yellow paint using a toothbrush and a piece of card.
When the paint is dry, cut out the shapes of some people from black card, and stick them in front of the bonfire to make a silhouette of a crowd watching.
For a finishing touch, add some white highlights down the sides of the bodies with white chalk.
For other ideas, how about cowboys sitting around a camp fire...
...or children in halloween costumes!

Try it yourself!