Here's something you can make for that special someone on Valentine's Day, or just to show someone how you feel.

You will need:
  • Scissors
  • Silver Pen
  • Thin Card
  • Pencil
  • Cup or Mug
You'll need a piece of thick paper or thin card.

Red or pink is the best colour for this, but you could always use white and colour it in if you like.
Fold the card in half...
...then use a cup or mug to draw a semi-circle in the top corner.
The semicircle should just be touching the top and left edges of the card.
Now draw a line down from the semi-circle to the bottom of the card, like this.
Cut out the shape and you should have two identical pieces of card.
Put the two shapes on top of each other and use the scissors again to make a cut, about two thirds of the way up both of the shapes.
Next, use a silver pen and write along the top of one of pieces "only you can mend"!
Along the top of the other piece, write "my broken heart".
Pop both pieces into an envelope and send it off to your valentine!

Then, truly only they can mend your broken heart. Don't give them any instructions, so then you'll know that if they take the time to figure it out, they must like you!

Try it yourself!