Tired of people snooping around all your private things? Here's a neat little Art Attack that can help you hide all your secret things...

You will need:
  • Cereal Box Card
  • Cardboard Box Card
  • Ink
  • Cling Film
  • Gold Pen
  • Stick Glue
  • Paintbrush
Take an empty cereal box, and tape all the flaps together so that it's nice and secure.

Then draw a line around the middle of three of the narrow sides, leaving one of the longer ones untouched. Then cut the box open so it can open out like a book.
Next, you'll need two pieces of cardboard box card to give the Boring Old Book extra strength.

They need to be just a few centimetres bigger than the front and back of your cereal box.
Glue the pieces of cardboard box card onto the front and back.

Make sure that one edge of both pieces of card lines up with the uncut side of the cereal box.
Try to make sure the rest of the cardboard edges are about 1cm over the edges of the cereal box.
To keep the Boring Old Book closed, you need three strips of cereal box card.

Make sure that they're the same sizes as the cut sides of the cereal box. Glue them inside, to make a lip so that the book stays closed. It's a good idea to check now that the book will open and close easily. If it doesn't, trim the strips if needed.
That's the basic shape completed.

Now to make your book look old, take a piece of white paper and then use a paintbrush to cover the whole paper in ink!
Before the ink dries, cover it over in wrinkled cling film, then leave it to dry.
When the ink has dried, peel off the cling film, and you get a fantastic worn leather effect!
Now to cover the book.

Cut a strip of the ink-covered paper, that's as long as it is tall, and twice as wide as the spine of your book.

Put a line of glue down both long edges, and stick it to the spine. Turn the edges down onto the front and back of the book.
You may have to make a few more sheets of this paper, to cover the front and back of your book, and if the paper hangs over the edge just neatly tuck it underneath.
Next, paint the pages of your book in a creamy yellow paint!
To define the pages you can either paint on the brown lines, or draw them on using a brown pencil and ruler.
To finish off your book all you need is a gold pen so you can draw on a couple of lines on the front, back and spine.
When you're finished, just pop all your private things inside, and put it on a shelf with the rest of your books.

Try it yourself!