Here's a way to give your cartoon characters crazy hairstyles!

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Permanent pen
  • Ink or watery poster paint
  • Drinking straw
Draw a simple cartoon face. It doesn't need to be anything special. In fact, the simpler - the better!

You must make sure that you use a permanent pen for this.
Next you'll need ink or watery poster paint, and a thick drinking straw.
Carefully blob some ink or watery poster paint onto the hairline of the cartoon face.
Take a deep breath and blow through the drinking straw.

Blow the ink to create the hairstyle.
You can do whatever style you like.

How about blowing the ink to one side, to make it look like the hairstyle has been caught by a strong wind.
You can use different coloured inks, too.

How's this for a blonde bombshell?
How about a granny's purple rinse?
Or a multi-coloured punk?
And you can even do beards and moustaches by starting upside down...
...and turning round when you've finished.
When you're happy with the hairstyle, just leave it to dry.
You can use the technique for animals too - how about a horse's mane?
Or a birds wing?
Or how about on an alien?

Try it yourself.