This chicken doesn't lay eggs - it lays money!

You will need:
  • Empty plastic milk bottle (1 pint)
  • Paintbrush
  • Tissue paper or kitchen roll
  • Cardboard box card
  • Cereal box card
  • Newspaper
  • Sticky tape
  • Paint
Here's a great looking chicken!

But this one doesn't lay eggs... lays...!
The main part of the chicken's body is made from an empty plastic milk bottle.

Here's how to make one of your own.
Carefully cut a money slit into the plastic milk bottle, on the opposite side as the handle.

Cutting plastic can be quite tricky, so don't forget to ask for help if you need it.
Now lay the bottle flat.

This end will be the head end...
...and end with the lid will be the tail end.
To create the body shape, scrunch up a small pillow of newspaper.
Use tape to stick the pillow of newspaper onto one side of the bottle.
Repeat the process on the other side, and curve some of the paper underneath into a padded base.
Stick more newspaper to the front end - remember that's the end without the bottle top - to make the chicken's breast.
For the wings, make two smaller newspaper pads...
...and tape them onto the sides.
The chicken also needs a tail, so take some more newspaper and fold it in half...
...fold it in half again...
...and then fold it into a triangle, like this.
Fold it over again and pull the the tail up a bit so that it's at a jaunty angle...
...and tape that into place on the rest of the body.

And once again, use plenty of sticky tape.
That completes the basic chicken shape!

It's a good idea to use lots of tape to keep it secure.
To make the neck of the chicken, fold a semicircle of card into a cone, and tape it into position.
When you've attached the cone, flatten the point, like this.
Make a head from a newspaper ball and add balls of newspaper for eyes and a card beak.
Place this on the bent bit of the cone, and tape into place.
Feather detail can be added now, using bits of cereal card, like this.
Stick them on so that they overlap.

Use as many as you want until your chicken is fully feathered, like this one!
Make legs by rolling pieces of cereal box card into tubes, like these.
Attach feet cut from cardboard box card to the legs, as well as small balls of newspaper for thighs.
Glue or tape the legs to the underneath of the chicken so that they're secure.
Once the legs are attached, test that the chicken stands up before doing anything else.
Next, the chicken's skin.

For this, use torn strips of kitchen roll or tissue paper and PVA glue mixed in equal parts with water.
Paint on the glue mixture all over the chicken...
...and lay on strips of tissue.

Then paste over them with more of the PVA glue and water mixture.
You don't need to cover the whole chicken - just use the glue and tissue to smooth over where the head and neck join...
...and put some on near the start of the feathered areas...
...but remember - don't put tissue over the money slit or the lid of the bottle!
Once you've finished pasting, let the glue dry.

When it has dried, you can paint the chicken.
And when the paint has dried you can start saving.
Getting the money out is really easy - just take the lid off, and out it comes.
You can use a plastic bottle as the basis for any kind of bird bottle bank.

How about a duck?
A peacock?
Or a flamingo...
...with very long legs!

Try it yourself!