This Art Attack is no mean feat! Groan...

You will need:
  • Cardboard box card
  • A pair of old trainers that you won't need again
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Newspaper
  • PVA glue
  • Tissue paper (or loo / kitchen roll)
  • Paint
Take a large piece of cardboard box card.

Place a trainer on top, and draw around it.

Whatever you do, don't use your best trainers!
Put the trainer to one side for now.

Draw a large foot around the shoe outline. This one's going to be a cartoon foot!

Make sure you leave a gap of about 5cm behind the heel.
When you're happy with the shape, carefully cut it out and stick the trainer back in position using lots of tape.
Now you need to bulk out the foot, and give it some shape.

Scrunch up a couple of sheets of newspaper, and stick them around the heel of the trainer.
Keep adding more newspaper to build up the foot.

Cover the whole trainer but not the opening, so that your real foot will be able to slip in at the end!
Do some chunky bits for the end of the foot, and some big round bits for the toes.
For toenails, cut out some pieces of cardboard and tape them into position.

That completes the foot - but it's a little boney and weak, so... need to strengthen it - Art Attack style!

Mix up some PVA glue in equal parts with water, and slap on some strips of tissue paper, or loo/kitchen roll!

This will give the foot a realistic, skin-like texture.
Seal everything in - but don't go inside the trainer!

Tuck the kitchen roll underneath the foot, so that the sole is well sealed.

Do two layers all the way round for added strength.
When it has dried, you should be left with a foot like this!
Now you can paint however you like!

Acrylic paint is good as it's hardwearing, but if you haven't got any, you could always mix up some PVA glue with some poster paint instead.
Now all you have to do is make another foot the same - and take them for a walk!
You can make any kind you like!

This is what happens to your feet if you don't change your socks every day!
And these ugly duckling feet make Neil look a bit quackers!

Try it yourself!