Here's an Art Attack that's simply out of this world! Take an intergalactic journey through your own imagination by making your own alien planet.

You will need:
  • Cardboard box card
  • Newspaper
  • PVA glue
  • Tissue paper or kitchen roll
  • Aluminium foil
  • Paint
  • Card
  • Tape
First, make the base of your alien planet.

For this, cut a large oval shape out of cardboard box card.
Then scrunch up some newspaper into balls, and start to build up a landscape.
Tape all the balls into place as you go.

Use lots of tape!
Now build up some higher regions.

Make twists of newspaper for mountain tops.
Cover the whole of the base with ridges and valleys.
Next, make some longer twists of newspaper and tape a few of them together in bunches to make stalagmites.
Loop some newspaper into rings and tape them on to make craters.
How about some arches in the rock for intergalactic bridges?
And some rolled up balls of newspaper for boulders!
When you've finished, you should have something that looks like this.

Now, to make it a bit more alien...
How about using a piece of aluminium foil, backed on card, and cut into a wobbly shape for a molten metal lake?

Paste on some PVA glue and stick it into place.
These weird alien plants are just pieces of sponge stuck onto the ends of curly pipe cleaners!
The plastic barrels of run-out ballpoint pens make fantastic crystal mountains.

Press them into the landscape!
When you're happy, take some PVA glue mixed half and half with water, and paste a layer of tissue paper all over the landscape, sealing over the joins.

Just make sure you don't put tissue on your crystal mountains and molten lake!
When it's dry you'll have something that looks like this.

The texture of the tissue paper really adds to the rocky effect.
Now it's time to paint it.

Use unexpected colours - like this purple!
How about light pink for some of the craters?

Add in a bit of white around the edges to highlight.
And maybe an ice blue for those stalagmites, with dark blue on the tips.
You could even cut out leaf shapes from some coloured paper to make some dangerous plant life.
Add some wisps of cotton wool for mists and gases.
The best thing about this is that there are no rules. Just make it all up as you go along.

You'll end up with something that looks like this, but it's not quite finished yet...
Next, make a background.

Take a large piece of card that's big enough to wrap around half of your the base.
Lie it down, and then cut out circles of paper for planets. You can cut them out of coloured paper, or you could paint them.

The idea is to make them different sizes, so that it looks like some of them are further away.
When you're happy with the positions, glue the planets down.
Now take a chalk or pastel and add on some gas rings going around the planets.

Smudge them slightly with your finger.
You can do the same across the top of the sky too but with a different colour.

Smudge that with your fingers too, to make them look misty and mysterious.
Use a black marker to draw a range of pointy mountains, so they look like silhouettes of the distant landscape.
Then fill in the landscape with black paint.
When you've finished the sky, wrap it around the back half of the landscape and tape it into place.
And here it is!

A fantastic intergalactic landscape that's as weird as your imagination can make it.
Here's another great intergalactic landscape: this one more of an ice world.
And this one's the view from our moon to the Earth in the background.

Try it yourself!