Fancy creating a fantasy castle, complete with turrets and towers?

You will need:
  • Polystyrene Cup
  • Paper
  • Kitchen Roll Tubes
  • Sticky Tape
  • Loo Roll Tubes
  • PVA Glue
  • Tissue Paper or Kitchen Roll
Take a polystyrene cup and tape it upside down onto a piece of A4 paper.
Next, rip the whole of the bottom the of the polystyrene cup off using your fingers.
Stuff an empty kitchen roll tube through the hole that you made in the polystyrene cup.

Tape it in place.
Then scrunch up some scrap paper into a paper ball and stuff it in the top of the tube to block it up.

Again, tape it in place.
Next, take three loo roll tubes and tape them into position so that theyíre roughly half way above the kitchen roll tube.
You should now have something that looks like this!
To make the pointy tops of the castle towers, just take a piece of A4 size paper and start to roll it in from one corner.
As youíre rolling it in turn to the right and it should roll itself into a paper cone.

Then just tape it into position, so that it doesnít unroll.
Next cut it down to make sure its about the same height as the loo roll tube and that itís wide enough to fit over the loo roll tube.

Then simply pop on top, and do the same for the other towers.
To make the details for the castle, take some strips of scrap paper and twist and bend them to help you make a door frame and windows.

Donít forget to tape them into place
Next, to turn your castle into stone you need to use PVA glue mixed with water (two parts glue, one part water), and just paste onto the front of your castle.
Before the glue dries, paste on strips of loo roll or tissue paper.
You can also cover the paper base to make it stronger.
Youíll need to cover the whole castle with tissue paper or loo roll in three layers, with a layer of the PVA glue and water mixture between each layer.
Leave the castle to dry overnight and then it should go hard, leaving a great stone-like effect.

Cut out the base - unless you want to keep it all!
Next you need to paint it. You can use any colour you like because after all it is your 3D fantasy castle!

The best way to paint it is to cover the whole thing in a base coat of paint, then when thatís dried, add on all the detail, with different coloured paints or coloured marker pens.
You can make your castle look however you like, and you donít have to use only three towers. You can use five or six - but donít use too many or your castle will fall over!