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Caterpillar Notice Board
Here's a 4 Part Attack for a notice board featuring a hungry caterpillar!
Underwater City
Discover what's in the deep, dark depths of the ocean with this Art Attack!
Blend Your Chalk With Paper
Chalk pastels can give great effects when you smudge them with fingers. But they can be messy...
Curved Spoon Drawings
A strange way to make your pictures weird and wonky!
Ship In A Bottle
Ever seen one? Now you can make your own!
Not Just Black At Night
This Art Attack will give you lots of tips on how to paint night-time pictures.
Darryl Worbey
Darryl Worbey is a puppet maker.
Comedy Noses
Make your friends laugh - with a comedy nose!
Charcoal And Chalk Picture
Have you ever used a charcoal pencil?
Fancy Dress
Here's a fantastic costume idea for a fancy dress party!
Cutting Paper
Here's a quick Art Attack tip for cutting paper!
Marble Run Paintings
Here's an unusual way to paint a picture - without using a brush!

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