Here's a great game you can make - it'll let you get your own back on anyone who really annoys you!

You will need:
  • Tube
  • Pencil
  • Modelling clay
  • Small box
  • Cardboard box card
  • PVA glue
  • Kitchen roll
  • Cling film or plastic bag
Here's a great game you can make - it'll let you have your revenge on anyone who really annoys you!

All you do is load bogies into a specially designed flicker...
...and aim for the annoying person's mouth!
Firstly, to make the flicker, find a small box and cut off the top, like this.
On one side, mark the width of a thin tube.

A tube from a roll of cling film will do.
Use the tube as a guide to draw a u-shaped slot, almost to the base of the box, like this.

Then cut the slot out.
Cut another u-shape on the opposite side, but this time, only half way down.
You should now have something that looks like this.

The slots should be wide enough to fit the tube in.
Next, make a mark a third of the way down the tube.

Pop a ball of modelling clay underneath and use a sharp pencil to pierce through the tube, at the point where you made the mark.
At the end furthest away from the hole you've just made, tape a section cut from an egg box, like this.
Now use the modelling clay and sharp pencil to make two holes in the box.

The holes need to be in the centre of the sides you haven't already cut, as you can see here.
Now bolt everything together by sliding the pencil through the box, then through the tube and then through the box again.
And that completes the flicker mechanism!

One quick thing to remember is that the long part of the tube with the egg box part at the end should be on the side of the box with the shorter slot.
Now paint the mechanism in whichever colour scheme you fancy.
Next, the yucky part!

To make gooey bogies, dunk a piece of kitchen roll in some PVA glue.
Squidge it together and pop it onto some cling film or a plastic bag to dry, so that it doesn't stick to your work surface.
When the bogies have dried, just ease them off the cling film or plastic bag.
Paint them a disgusting slimy colour, like these.

Once the paint has why not add an extra layer of PVA glue, for an added "wet" look? Eww!
Now you can make the target. First decide who you're going to flick bogies at.

You could use a drawing...
...or a photo.
Whatever type of picture you want to use, to turn it into a target you will need to stick it onto some cardboard box card that's the same size.
When the glue has dried, cut a line that goes from the bottom of the picture up to the corner of the mouth.
Then cut across the mouth, under the top lip, and down to the bottom of the picture.

When you pull this section down, it looks like the mouth is opening.
Turn these pieces over, and with the mouth open, use sticky tape to secure it in position.
Cut the excess piece of card off the bottom to get a straight edge...
...and stick a couple of triangular supports on the back to help it stand up.
Now you're ready to play the game. Simply load...
...and flick!

Try it yourself.