How would you like to be a fashion designer, creating the latest looks? Now you can!

You will need:
  • Four sheets of different coloured paper
  • Pencil
  • Tracing paper
  • Stapler
  • Felt tip pens
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
First, choose four different coloured pieces of A4 paper.
Fold them in half, lengthways.
Place the first piece down, and place the second piece on top, lining it up with the centre fold of the first piece, so that they overlap.
Then place the third piece on top, lining it up with the first piece.
And put the fourth piece on top of that, lining it up with the second piece!
Staple all the sheets together in the middle section where all the pages overlap.
Now you need what all fashion designers have - a model.

Take a piece of tracing paper and cut it to the exact same size of the middle section.
Decide how you want your model to look.

Draw the model so that it fits the tracing paper.
Maybe give her a model-like pose, with one hand on her hip.

Make sure that you draw strong lines (you'll see why in a moment!)

The idea is to do a simple outline of a body - don't put any detail in - and make the feet reach the bottom of the sheet.
Now take a ruler and divide the model into sections: one across the head, another section at the waist and finally another one at the ankles.

Again, keep using strong lines!
Flip the tracing paper face down onto the top sheet. Line it up accurately, and redraw the model, going over all the lines. Press firmly with the pencil, and don't forget to do the dividing lines as well!
When you take off the tracing paper, the pencil lines should transfer onto the paper underneath just like this.
When you've traced the model onto every page, making sure you line up the tracing paper accurately each time, you can start designing.

The idea is to design a different outfit on each of your models. This one is going to be a party outfit.
When you're happy with your first design, turn the page, and design another! Continue in this way until you've done all four.
Colour them all in, and you'll be left with something that looks like this.

These outfits look great, but here's how you can get really creative...
Carefully cut across all the lines that divide your model into sections. Remember, you're not cutting them out - just across the line.

Do each page in exactly the same way.
When you've cut all the sections, use your fashion flip flap to mix and match!

Because youlined up all the traced models accurately, every one of them will match up and you can see all the different effects.
You can try other models as well.

How about this collection for guys?
Or maybe even football kits and sports gear?

Try it yourself!