Drawing dinosaurs is tricky - but here are some great tips for dinosaur detail...

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Coloured pencils or crayons
Start by drawing a rounded body - a sort of rugby ball shape.
Then add a curved neck and tail.

They both start off chunky near the body, then get thinner towards the tip.
If you run out of space for the tail, remember it could turn back on itself, like this.
The legs are sort of fat sausages that curve outwards - a bit like boomerangs!
The head, in comparison to the neck, is quite tiny - with a long snout.
Adjust all your shapes until you're happy with the basic dinosaur shape you're left with.
Skin colour and texture of dinosaurs still baffle most experts.

But we think they had dark green wrinkly skin, so Neil used a dark green crayon here. Start by going round the outline to break the shape up . Make it lumpy and bumpy, especially around the legs.
Draw a long groove down the dinosaur's back and up its neck, and one down the stomach and tail.
Two wrinkly grooves down each leg make them look old but sturdy.
Build up lots of wrinkles and muscles all over the dinosaur.
When it comes to the legs, do curved wrinkles around the top.
Don't forget the face!

Experts reckon dinosaurs had long mouths, big nostrils and slitty eyes!
How about some lighter green bits?
And a hint of yellow, all over for a reptilian feel.
Add some white highlights around the legs...
...and some darker shading to make your dinosaur look 3D.
No-one really knows how accurate this is - but the wrinkles look great don't they?

It's easy - try it yourself!