Design your dream home with these Art Attack tips.

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Paint or something else to colour with
Start with the outline shape of your dream home.

This one is going to be a big mansion, divided into rooms.
To give the room some depth, draw another square or rectangle inside the room along the top line, and connect the bottom corners together.
Here's a big sweeping staircase and gallery landing.
Some big fancy windows with huge curtains.
In the bedroom, how about a four poster bed and some furniture?
Downstairs, if you make the back square smaller and join them up, it makes the room look bigger.
This one's getting a swimming pool.

Just follow the lines of the wall so you get the perspective right.
Two lightly-drawn lines for water and wiggles for the reflection on the water, and some lines on the panes of glass in the conservatory at the back.
You could even draw the rooms on a different piece of paper that you cut to size, so that you can experiment with different designs before you stick them down.
When you're happy with the rough design of your dream home, it's ready to be decorated.

Decide on a colour scheme and paint or colour it in.
This one has a games room in the attic!
Not only can you change your room whenever you like, you can even add extensions. How about this garage with two cars inside?

Try it yourself!