Is it possible to draw sounds? Well, if you follow this Art Attack, it certainly is!

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Colours for your picture
To draw someone screaming, the best way to do it is to spell out the scream as it comes from the mouth.

Screams are an "aaargh" sound. The longer you make it, the bigger the scream.
It really comes to life if you add a jagged box around the scream, like this.
Drawing sound effects really adds humour and fun to your drawings.

The sound of a balloon popping is loud. It sounds like "bam", so put that.

You could even put an exclamation mark to emphasise the loudness. Again, put it in a spikey box to show that it's loud.
Here's an ice-cream being dropped.

To do a splat sound, just draw a splat on the ground where it's dropping. To try to work out what you should write, keep saying the sound over and over again until you can put that sound into letters. This one is a "splot"!
If it's a much softer sound, just draw a cloud shape - then spell it out again.

This time, to make it look softer, you could do it in fat, fluffy letters. "Poof" is the sound this time.
To put some sound effects into your cartoons, try to spell the sound out, and then put other effects like the jagged edges around the words to make it look loud or quiet, soft or aggressive.

This time, an old lady has sat on a whoopee cushion - a sort of "thhrppt" sound! You could add in the rush of wind coming out of the cushion!
You don't always have to spell the sound out; sometimes little tricks will do it for you.

For example, these two boys are howling with laughter, so some lines and a couple of tears will do the trick!
For a musical sound you just need musical notes.

For the whistling policeman, just one note, and a bit of wind to show that it's been blown. For loud, fast music, lots of wild rocking notes. And for quiet, soft music, just one single note should do it.
You can even get some great effects by doing letters in the shape and style of the sound itself. Here the "sloop" sound is given a dripping edge. Or how about wobbly lettering for "urgh".

And some whoosh lines for the children running away!
You can throw all sorts of little doodles in to show chaotic noise. Puffs of wind, stars and little scribbles should do it!

And for someone sleeping, "zzzz" does the trick every time!

Try it yourself!