Useful hints and tips for drawing effective clouds, like the ones you see in cartoons and comic strips.

You will need:
  • Black Pen
  • Paper
Have you ever noticed how many types of clouds there are in cartoons and comic strips?

There are loads - and drawing them couldnít be any easier.
To draw any cloud all, you need to draw is a ring of curved lines. And if you want to make your cloud look thicker and lighter, then just use a light blue pen or pencil, and draw some curved lines on the inside of the cloud to make it look thick and fluffy.
You often see dust clouds in cartoons. To do those, just draw lots of little curved lines just creeping along the ground and getting bigger as they get further away from the object that is making all the dust.
You can also draw whoosh clouds, which you often see in comic strips when you see when a car zooming off.
All you need to remember is thirty three - draw a little three followed by a big three, and then add in some whoosh lines coming from them. Donít forget if the whoosh lines are coming off backwards, you need to draw the thirty-three backwards.
Try it yourself!