Make this pet dragon - he can be as friendly or fierce as you like!

You will need:
  • Cardboard box card
  • Newspaper
  • Sticky tape
  • Paint
  • PVA glue
  • Paintbrush
Make a base out of cardboard box card.

Scrunch some newspaper into a rugby ball shape and tape it onto the base.

This forms the body of your dragon - you can create whatever shapes you like from here!
To make the neck, cut out some card in a banana shape.
Pad it out on both sides with newspaper, secured in place with sticky tape.

Lie it on one end of your dragon's body.
For the tail, scrunch up some more newspaper into a tube shape and make it pointy at one end.

Use lots of tape here too.
For back legs, create some chicken drumstick shapes with plenty of tape on top.
Roll up four tiny paper sausages and tape them together for back claws.
As you're making these body parts, lay them out around your body base - roughly in the position that they'll go.
For the front legs and feet roll two more sausages of newspaper and carefully snip into the end to create four claws that splay out.
Lay them out in place.
For the head, close a double sheet of newspaper.

Loosely roll it up. Fold it in half and scrunch the ends up. Tape it at this end.
Fold it in half again, and pop your finger through to create a loop, so that you have a mouth and nostrils!
Put together the whole body and tape it to the board with lots of strong tape.
Now you've created your dragon shape you're ready to jazz it up with as much extra detail as you like using card and newspaper.
Here you can see that Neil has added cardboard ears and newspaper eyes...
...jagged teeth and a forked tongue...
...some scales and wings with veins made from string...
...and even a pointy tail!

Put plenty of tape all over the dragon to make it strong.
When you're happy with the final look, use PVA glue mixed with a bit of black paint and slap it all over the dragon to strengthen it even more.
When it's dry you're ready to paint on the detail!
Start with a thick, dry paintbrush.

Dip it into some other colours, and dust them on over the black.
You could use shimmering bronze to give the wings a shiny finish.
Paint on all the details.
Don't forget the base!
And when dry you have your own pet dragon!

Try it yourself!