How do you fancy being the designer of a whole city, complete with its own water front setting, roads, tunnels, buildings, and even skyscrapers? Believe it or not, you can make it all out of bits of rubbish!

You will need:
  • two different sized boxes
  • newspaper
  • tape
  • scissors
  • cardboard box card
  • different sized empty cartons
  • PVA glue
  • cling film
  • paint
  • a white pencil
To create the base of your mega city, take two empty boxes, one larger than the other.

Cereal boxes, or any other food containers that you throw away as rubbish are perfect!
Stuff each of the boxes with scrunched up balls of newspaper to strengthen them and pad them out a bit, then tape them closed.
Cut a big piece of cardboard box card, curving the edges.
Put some glue on the card.
Lay the bigger box down onto the card, and press firmly into place.
Put some glue on the bigger box.
Lay the smaller box on top, as you can see opposite.
Scrunch the boxes down and break up those straight edges and the corners of the cereal boxes to make them look more like cliffs and rocks.
Another good way of doing this is to scrunch up some balls or sausages of newspaper and just put them around the edge to break up the shape all the way round your city.
You should now have something that looks like this.
To create the buildings and skyscrapers, use a selection of smaller empty cartons.

Tape them all closed at both ends.
Put some glue on top of your cereal box, then start to build your mega city up by arranging the smaller empty cartons on top.
Secure them in place by placing and holding them for a few seconds on the glue.

Cluster different sized packets together. They don't need to be straight, because you don't usually get too many completely straight cities, but do leave some gaps for roads.
When you've added on all your smaller boxes, make sure they are firmly glued down and taped into place, and you’ll have something that looks like this.
You can also add on highways.

Cut some straight and curved thin strips of cereal box card and place them wherever you want the roads to be.
Tape them into place.
To strengthen and seal everything and make the base look even more craggy, mix some PVA glue in equal parts with water.

Paste it onto the cereal boxes and over the entire city.
Lay on strips of kitchen roll, or tissue paper.

Cover the whole of your model city in one layer of glue and tissue, but don't do the sea!
Dip bits of tissue into your glue mixture and squeeze off the excess to make a rock in the sea or trees and shrubs around your city.
Leave it to dry to create something like this.
To paint your mega city, paint your cliffs and ground first, using poster or acrylic paint. Paint the cliffs a sandy brown colour, adding in some darker brown on the caves round by the sea.
For the tops of the cliffs and the greenery on the bottom level of your city, use green paint, occasionally adding some darker greens to give the effect of grass and leaves.
For the sea, use a nice deep blue, and streak in some white foam.
To give the sea a shiny shimmering effect, paint on some PVA glue and add strips of ordinary kitchen cling film.

Scrunch the cling film up to create waves and leave to dry.
For the top of the buildings, paint them all a base grey.
Paint the roads a lighter grey. Add on some road markings in white paint.
Finally, add in the city detail, like the lights, the buildings and the shop fronts.

Draw them in first in white pencil, then paint them.
Add lights to all the buildings windows. You could even paint a helicopter pad on the top of one of the skyscrapers, or a swimming pool on top of a posh hotel!
And when you’ve finished doing everything, you’ll have a mega city that looks like this.

Because you're the designer, you can design any city you like! Simply make it up as you go along. How about a mega holiday resort by the sea, complete with its own lighthouse, and holiday cottages, and even a row of beach huts?

Try it yourself!