If you're always losing things - why not make a Crab Grab and get organised.

You will need:
  • Disposable food container
  • Newspaper
  • Sticky tape
  • Clothes pegs
  • Tissue paper or kitchen roll
  • PVA glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint
To make the crab's body, you need to find a box with a hinged lid, that's deep enough to put things inside

A disposable food container like this is ideal.
For the legs, make twists of newspaper that are about 20cm long.
To make them, just scrunch up a roll of newspaper and make it pointed at one end.

Put sticky tape around the end, to keep it pointed.
Bend the legs in a couple of places to make joints.

Again, use lots of tape to keep the joints in place.

You need to make eight legs altogether.
Once you've made the legs, you need to tape them securely to the bottom of the box.
When done, the legs should support the box well enough, to make the crab stand up like this!
The pincers are just ordinary clothes peg.
Make the arm by twisting more newspaper in the same way you did to make the legs.

This time, make it a bit thicker.
Tape one side of the clothes peg to the tapered end, like this.
Bend it round to give the arm some shape - but not too much, otherwise the peg won't work.
Build up the claw shape with more newspaper on the other side of the peg, like this.

Carefully tape the newspaper into place, making sure that the peg still works, as you go.
Tape the arm with the claw to the box, like this.

Use lots of tape!
When you've taped both arms to the box, you should have something that looks like this.
Take care not to put any tape over the spring part of the peg - otherwise the crab won't be able to grab.
Next, roll a couple of small balls of newspaper and tape them to small pieces of drinking straw, like these.
These make great eyes.

The idea is simply to tape them to the front of the box.
Now take some PVA glue mixed in equal parts with water, and use a paintbrush to paste a layer of tissue paper or kitchen roll all over the crab.
Go round all of the joins in the same way.

Make it quite rough, to give the crab a very crusty looking shell.
Take care not to glue the box shut - and be careful around the claws too, to avoid the clothes peg springs, otherwise the pincers won't work!
When dry, the legs will be solid and the crab will have a great texture.
Paint the crab using a base coat of red on the top half.
Make the underside a bit darker.

Mix blacks and browns together to get a realistic colour.
When dry, the Crab Grab will look something like this.
Next, brush on lighter shades of paint all over the shell, picking up the knobbly, crusty texture.
Add black to the claws...
...and don't forget the eyes...
...and a smiling mouth.
That completes the Crab Grab.
It's ideal for holding onto notes and you can keep stuff inside too.
You can vary the design too.

Here's a one-clawed Fiddler crab?
Or how about a hermit crab with tiny pincers?
Or a huge one like those you see in aquariums?

Try it yourself!