Instead of having an advent calendar, why not make yourself a Countdown To Christmas calendar?

You will need:
  • a piece of cardboard box card
  • a marker pen
  • some sticky back plastic
  • poster or acrylic paint
  • cotton wool
  • string and sticky tape
Take your piece of cardboard box card, and draw Santa on it - just like Neil has here.

A good tip is to draw the face first, then the nose, moustache and mouth. Then, add the hat, beard, coat,boots and arms.

Don't forget to draw Rudolph by his side!
Next, you need to draw two big speech bubbles like the ones you see in comics.

Draw a big round one for Santa, and then a big round one for Rudolph. Make them as big as you can!
Cut them out, and you’ll have something that looks like this.
Next, you need to paint using poster or acrylic paint.

Use a nice bright red for Santa's clothes, jet black for his boots, and bright white for the speech bubbles.

Make Santa’s beard a nice bright white too, or alternatively stick on some cotton wool.
When you’ve finished, you’ll have something that looks like this.
To turn this into a Countdown To Christmas calendar, take a black marker and write the words "I’m Coming" in Santa’s bubble. Then add the words"in" and "days," remembering to leave a gap between both words.
Now the clever bit!

Draw around Rudolph’s speech bubble onto a piece of sticky back plastic.
Then roughly draw in the rest of Rudolph on the sticky back plastic.

You could do this by tracing the picture.
Cut out the sticky back plastic, then peel off the backing very carefully, and place it down over Rudolph’s speech bubble.
Now all you have to do is just write in the number of days until Christmas.

Remember to use a felt tip pen, non-permanent or dry-wipe marker so that you can rub off and change the number as the days go by.
You can stick some string on the back so you can hang it up in your bedroom!
And there you have it - a Countdown To Christmas calendar.

Try it yourself!