Don't throw away your old comics! With this great Art Attack, you can use them to create great-looking envelopes and cards!

You will need:
  • an envelope
  • old comics
  • marker pen
  • scissors
  • white paper
  • thin card
  • ruler
  • stick glue
Take an envelope and open it out so that it lies flat.

Be careful not to rip the glued joints!
Mark a dot on each of the edges where the glue is.
Browse through some old comics to find a colour double-page spread that you like.

Carefully take out the staples of the comic, so that you can take the page out without tearing it.
Lie the opened out envelope on top of the page from the comic.

Use it as a template, and carefully draw around it with a black marker.

You don't have to use a colour page. In fact, you don't even have to use a comic! Why not try it with a newspaper, wallpaper or maybe an old poster?
Carefully cut out the shape, so that you have something which looks like this.
Fold the cut-out comic up, in the same way as the original envelope that you opened out.
Now unfold it again!

Looking back at the original envelope, put a dot on the edges of the comic which need to be glued.
Apply some stick glue on those edges.
Now carefully fold the envelope up again, sticking down the edges as you go.

Fold down the glue-free flap first.
Finished! There you have a multi-coloured, comic strip enevlope.

Not bad, eh?
Why not make a greetings card to go inside the envelope?

Find a piece of card and cut it down, so that when it's folded over, it fits snugly inside the envelope.
Find a picture from a comic that you like, and stick it on the front.

Ideally, choose a big picture so that it covers the whole of the front of the card.
Draw two speech bubbles onto some white paper and cut them out.
Dab a little stick glue onto the back of one of the bubbles and stick it to the front of the card, so that it looks like it's coming out of the character's mouth.

Carefully draw around the edges of the speech bubble with a black marker.

You can make it look even more professional by drawing round the picture from the comic, as well. Use a ruler for perfectly straight lines.
Write a message for the front of your card in the speech bubble.
Stick the other bubble onto the front of the envelope and write the name or address of the person you wish to send it to.

So, there you have a multi-coloured comic strip card and matching envelope.

Try it yourself!