Make a great picture of a city at night, by using different techniques.

You will need:
  • paper
  • water
  • paint
  • a marker pen
First, dampen the entire sheet of paper.
Use watered down poster or watercolour paint to give it a really soft, atmospheric feel on the damp paper.

Use lighter colours towards the top, and slightly more purple towards the bottom.
Before it dries completely, add in some wispy clouds in the sky.
Another good technique is to take a bit of tissue paper and gently pad the clouds to pick a bit of the paint off, doing a little twist as you pad.
Once the paper is completely dry, you can add in some shapes with thicker black paint.
Once thatís dry, start to add in darker shading along the sides and edges of the buildings.

You can even add little hints of detail in the distance.
When thatís dry, you can add in more detail with marker pens.

Use a thin pen to add in the fine details. For trees, just do very wispy branches.
Add in a car in the foreground with a thicker marker pen.
Finally, chalks and pastels are really brilliant for highlights and lights, and bring the picture to life.

Try it yourself!