Nobody would ever think that loo roll tubes were the slightest bit Christmassy. But they can be! Hereís how...

You will need:
  • a loo roll tube
  • green and white thin card
  • a dinner plate
  • scissors
  • tape
  • paint
Start by drawing and cutting out a circle from green thin card.

It needs to be about the size of a dinner plate, so why not draw round one?
Then, you need to cut out a white circle of card thatís a bit smaller than the green one.
And then another green circle thatís a bit smaller...
Then a white circle thatís a bit smaller...
...and another green circle thatís a bit smaller...
...and finally, a white circle thatís a bit smaller again!

You should now have six circles getting smaller and smaller in a pattern: green, white, green, white, green, white.
Now you need to turn all these circles into cones.

To do this, take one of them and cut it in half. You only need one half.
Curl the card around into a cone shape, by folding two bits back onto each other so that they overlap just a little bit.
Then tape them firmly into place, making sure it's nice and secure.
Do the same with all the circles, and youíll end up with six cones getting smaller in size.

It should look like this.
On all the green cones, you need to take some scissors and cut a zigzag pattern along the edge.
Once youíve done that, on the white ones you need to cut out a wavy pattern along the bottom edges.
Now stack them one on top of the other in order of size and glue them all together.
When theyíre all in place, youíll have something that looks like this.

Put it to one side to let the glue dry.
This is where you need your loo roll tube.

Stick it into the bottom of your cone, making sure itís nice and secure with lots of sticky tape.

This will be your Christmas tree stand.
When youíve done that, you need to gently pull up the green zigzag bits to create a frilly pattern.
Once youíve done that, youíre ready to decorate your tree. You can use whatever you like - how about sweet wrappers?
Just scrunch them up into a ball, and then stick them onto the tree with a dab of glue.
When youíve decorated the whole tree, and painted the loo roll, youíll have something that looks like this.

Brilliant, eh!

Mini Christmas trees that you can put anywhere you like, year after year.

Try it yourself!