Do you find drawing a landscape hard? Here's an easy way to do it - but don't tell anyone you've been cheating!

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Wax Crayons
Start off by drawing a wavy line about three quarters of the way up the paper, like this.
Next, draw another wavy line, directly underneath.
Then draw a third!
And a fourth.

Make the lines further apart as you go further down the page.
Next, continue some of the wavy lines so they join up with the lines underneath them.
Join up some of the lines in the foreground in the same way.
Now the picture starts to come to life!

Add in some detail like bushes and tree. Remember, the further away they are the smaller and less detailed they need to be!.
Add some parallel lines to create fields.
Create hedges in the background, to make some fields for cattle to graze in.
Add a farmhouse too, if you want to.

It's best to put it in the middle of the picture.
If you've drawn a farmhouse, you'll also need a road - snaking over the hills toward the farmhouse.

Just draw two lines that go in the same direction. You can even add a little stream - just make sure you add a few small squiggly lines so you can tell that it's water!
Once you've drawn out the whole landscape, just colour it all in. You can use anything you like for this - felt tips, wax crayons, pastels - whatever! Just make sure that the further away the fields are, the lighter shade of green they should be.

Try it yourself!