A rhino charging through your bedroom wall not only looks cool, it's also a pretty handy place to hang scarves, ties gloves, and even jewellery.

You will need:
  • Cardboard box card
  • Newspaper
  • PVA glue
  • Card
  • Tape
  • Paint
  • Black pen
  • Kitchen roll
Cut a fat, figure eight shape from a piece of cardboard box card.
Scrunch up some new newspaper into a large pillow shape, like this, and tape it into place on the cardboard box card.

You'll need lots of tape for this.
Then scrunch more newspaper into a slightly smaller, triangular shape.

Tape it on top of the pillow of newspaper at one end with the pointy bit upwards, and the wide end at the bottom, for the rhino's nostrils.
Then you'll have the basic shape of a rhino's head.
Now to make the details of the rhino's face.

Tape two newspaper eyes either side of the head. You might want to use double-sided tape for this. Then put flat rolls of newspaper above each eye, to make eyelids.
Fold a sheet of newspaper into a diamond shape to make an ear, and tape it into place at the top of the head.

Make another in the same way for the other ear.
Thin strips of newspaper also make good nostrils.
Don't forget rhinos have two horns, so you need to make two cones of card, one bigger than the other.
To make a cone, first take a semicircle of thin card, like this, and press your finger in the middle of the straight edge.
Roll the card around, keeping your finger in place because that's where the top of the cone will form.

Hold it in place with some tape.
Make a big cone and a smaller cone, taping the bigger horn onto the nose, and the smaller horn between the eyes.

You can make some small cuts in the base of the cone to help it fit better, giving you more space to tape it.
Next, take a thin sausage of newspaper and wrap it around the base of the bigger horn, again, taping it into place.
The newspaper head should now be looking pretty rhino-like!

Next, the skin...
Mix some PVA glue half and half with water, and paste on a layer of tissue paper all over the rhino's head. You don't have to be neat, because rhino skin is pretty rough.

The idea is just to seal over all those joins.
When you've covered the whole thing, and it's dry, you can start to paint it. Rhinos are grey, so you won't need many other colours, but you could use a black for darker areas like the eye sockets.
Streak in some white on lighter areas, like the horn.
When you've finished painting, you'll have a completed rhino head.

You can even put in some detail on the eyes, for example, with a black marker pen.
Now take your rhino head and draw around it onto a piece of cardboard box card.
Using another piece of cardboard box card, cut out some brick shapes.

Roughly place them into position.
When you've done that, place some smaller, broken bricks around the design, to add to the 3D effect. This gives the impression that the rhino has charged through!

When you're happy, glue everything into position.
When everything is dry, cut around the edge of the design.
Give everything a layer of kitchen roll and PVA glue, sealing over all the joins.
When it's dry, you can paint it to look like a brick wall.

Use a light ochre around the edge of the bricks for the mortar.
And paint the bricks a reddish brown.
Once it's painted, you just need to secure your rhino head into position using plenty of glue.

Don't forget to press it down firmly.
When it's all dry, you can hang it on a wall.

Hang all your bits and pieces on i. The broken brick effect really makes it look like the rhino has crashed through your wall!
Here's another one, this time with a unicorn.
Or maybe even this goat, with a fence made in exactly the same way.

Try it yourself!