Make things look metallic with this Art Attack!

You will need:
  • Pencil, paint or wax crayons
  • Paper
How do you get a shiny metallic effect into your drawings?

In a cartoon, it's quite easy. Just add a pair of lightly drawn lines here and there to give a shiny effect!
But what about a colour picture. like this one?
The idea is similar - draw shine lines using pencil crayon (or wax crayon or even paint!) - but they must be in blue.

For flat metal, draw blue diagonal shine lines, all going in the same direction.
Do some lighter shading around the outside of the lines, like this.
Lightly smudge the lines with your finger, to blend the shading together.
For curved metal, do the shine lines along the edge...
...then add in shading around the line, going in the same direction.
Do the same sort of thing on other cylindrical shapes in the picture.
For the curved edges around the bumper, once again just draw in the shine lines around the edges...
...followed by shading.
You can add in a few diagonal shine lines too, if you like.
And once again, smudge the lines and shading by using your finger.
You can use this technique on any metallic object in your pictures.

Here's a sign...
...and a robot!

Try it yourself!