Here's a way to create a moody, and atmopsheric picture by using a simple pen and wash technique.

You will need:
  • Black ballpoint pen
  • Very watery black paint, or watered down ink
  • Paper
Ballpoint pens are very versatile.

They're great for sketching.
Just draw with the pen as though it's a pencil.
Start with a few lines.

You can use coloured paper if you like. Here, Neil is using light grey.
If you want, you can sketch in pencil first, and rub out the lines later.

the great thing about ballpoint pens is that if you go over the lines to alter them, it gives the picture a really sketchy, scratchy feel that's quite spooky.
And just like a pencil, you can press harder for darker lines, or lighter for wispy lines.
Here, you can see that Neil's picture is almost finished.
When it comes to shading the picture in, use the hatching technique.

Just do lots of lines going in the same direction.
You don't need to be neat...
...then you can make darker areas even darker by hatching lines, across the ones you've already done, but in the other direction.
Now for the wash!

Neil's using very watered down black ink, though you can use watered down watercolour paint if you like - but it must be very watery!
Just brush it on, very lightly.

Not too much.
You can even use a bit more to create a darker shade, too.
The great thing about this technique is that the ballpoint pen lines don't run when you wash over them.
You can even add darker shadows by adding a tiny bit more paint to the brush - but not much.
Try it yourself!