Here's an Art Attack to create a really creepy monster for your bin.

You will need:
  • Newspaper
  • Sand
  • Water
  • PVA glue
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Plastic bag
First you need to prepare your bin because this is a messy Art Attack!

Just put a bag inside the bin and tape it into place. It's also probably best to put some newspaper down too!
Now you're ready to make the monster, and to do this you'll need some newspaper.

Scrunch up a ball of newspaper, about the size of a small apple. This will be the monster's head. Then scrunch up a sort of pear shape, for a body.
Tape them together.

You should also use lots of tape for the apple and pear shapes for the head and the body, to keep them in shape.
Make three sausages for fingers, and tape those together for a claw.

Make two claws in this way.
Position them on the side of the monster's body, where the head and body meet.

Make sure the fingers are curled into a grabbing position.
When you've finished you'll have something that looks like this!

You now have a basic Bin Bog Monster, and it should balance like this when you rest it on your finger!
Now to give the monster a slimy coating!

Mix together one part of water with three parts of sand and one part of PVA glue.
The whole thing needs to be a thick but runny consistency.

Stir the whole thing up. Don't forget that it's a good idea to put some newspaper down for this!
Spoon some of the mixture into a plastic bag.

You may need to get someone to help you with this!
Pick the bag up and squeeze it all down into one corner.
Then very carefully snip off one corner to make a sort of piping bag.

Don't cut off too much - just the end, so that just a small bit comes out at a time.
Drip the mixture all over the monster to give a great slimy effect!

Keep it moving to leave a worm-cast effect, like the kind you see on a beach sometimes.
You have to do a section at a time and wait a while for it to set before adding more.

This is because if you put too much sand on at once it will just fall off!
You can build up blobs for the eyes and bottom lip.
When you've covered the whole monster, leave it to dry overnight and you'll be left with something that looks like this.

When you peel it away from the bag it will be rock hard and ready to paint!
Paint your monster a slimy green.

Slop it on all over!
You can streak in darker and lighter shades, too.
You could even add in some yellow to pick out highlights.
Use a thin brush to add in eyes.
When you've finished, and the paint has dried, brush on a layer of PVA glue.

This will dry clear and give it a shiny, slimy effect.
When it's all dry, you're finished.

Hook the monster over the side of a bin and it'll look as if he's crawling out!

Try it yourself!